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Electronic Dance Music since 1995

Upcoming Gigs

Feb 2015
Durch die Nacht
Schlaflos Club / Aarau

Feb 2015
Stairs Club / Zürich

Feb 2015
Himmel & Hölle
Cafe Gold / Zürich

Mar 2015
Provisorium / Bürglen
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How it started

Darrien was infected with the Techno-bug in 1995, when he first heard Laurent Garnier playing a twelve-hour set at the ‘Stufenbau’. The functionality of this music and the fact that it was so different from the rest of the nineties rave-music fascinated him immediately and eventually captured Darrien’s heart. He began mixing this particular style the same year. First mixes were followed by first mixtapes, which led to first bookings and things took off from there.

These days Darrien is playing mainly at clubs in Zürich and other of course also some other well known locations around Switzerland, having his latest EP released in december 2012 on Stahlplatten Records.

Darrien in Pixels